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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

D. A. Davis is one of the most sought-after speakers due to the release of his second book,
“Love Must Confront.” He makes appearances domestically and internationally by engaging audiences in various genres.


His refreshing approach in the arena of relationships and marriages has catapulted him to new heights as he analyses and pinpoints the exact area of pain and discomfort within the relationship or marriage. He is labeled as a ‘Reducer’; that is, he addresses complex and stressful situations by breaking them down to their lowest common denominator.

His ideas and strategies create cooperation and direction in any difficult, even hostile situations.
His goals and objectives are obtainable so that couples undergoing his strategy sessions can
identify, relate, and duplicate their efforts, making them successful in reaching their expectations
of one another.


He stresses thought-leadership within the relational and marital structure by causing couples to
identify and draw upon their natural-born abilities to fulfill their relational or marital demands.
Upon engaging their communication language styles, he equips them with active care. Active
care is his version of seeing, understanding, and coping skills needed to ensure that any couple
understands their partners demands. Once their demands are voiced, he rewrites their script and allows them to meditate before engaging in the strategy sessions.

Furthermore, Davis breaks open new territories of meaning by attacking the spiritual forces that
blind couples, preventing them from building successful relationships and marriages. They
encourage couples to live transformed lives and give them the confidence that everything is

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