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By D.A. Davis

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 Pastor D.A. Davis, Through his bold, frank delivery of the Word of God, he crusades to free church leaders, husbands and wives, divorcees, widows and widowers from the chains of traditional conditioning


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Love Language And Dance

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Hardcover Book

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D.A. Davis is the author of two books, Barren Vines and Empty Baskets; Love must Confront. Davis is honored to be married to First Lady Lorita Davis, they have three children and three grand children.

Davis is a multi-faceted, multi-talented professional who is adept and skilled in many areas of ministry, business, literature, communication and education.  He is the founder and senior pastor of Spirit Fellowship Church, one of the faster growing church in Desoto, Texas and one of the most uniquely established ministries in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, metroplex.

Davis is a former IRS employee, Military Officer, and business executive and currently holds the title of Bishop. Also, he is a ‘Cancer’ survivor, proven business leader, public speaker and relationship coach. He engages his audience through life classes and public seminars in various areas of disciplines.

With over twenty-five years in ministry and nearly two decades in the pastorate, and thirty eight years of marriage Davis enjoys a prolific, storied career in leading people and impacting their habitate. See more about Pastor Davis and his wife Lorita Click Here

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About D.A. Davis

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